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Christopher Clark

Hi, I am Christopher from Hill Street, Mansfield, OH. I spent here in Mansfield my entire life cleaning houses, offices, barber houses, concrete floors, vinyl floors, drywall dust, wood shops, everything cleaning possible clean using vacuum cleaner.

Maybe I am talking too much. People who used to work with cleaning companies do not have that high profile that people will know them much. Just trying to introduce myself, as I am really capable of running a blog related to Vacuum cleaners and cleaning.

I worked for Green and Clean Home Services for a long time, a home cleaning service company with a good reputation and legacy. The company worked on different service categories like air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, chimney repair, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning.

My job was to clean the carpets and upholstery with vacuum cleaners. So I have a very good friendship with the different vacuum cleaners science in the early nineties. Yes, I worked with commercial vacuum cleaners but plenty of vacuum cleaners for home use, to clean pet hair, vacuum powerheads, shop vacs, and so on.

However, During Covid, in a time of turmoil, every small business shifting online. Along with one of my co-worker Nicholas, I acquired and make a fresh start, to revamp it further.

It was not easy running a new blog, learning a lot of new things but we wanted to make some living from it and we are working hard.
I and Nicholas really want to help people from here on our blog site.

About Christopher Clark

Hi, I am Christopher, work for a cleaning company. I become delighted when my vacuum cleaners roar. I understand it's every frequency. I am sharing everything about vacuum cleaners here. Read More about Christopher.