Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners For The Elderly

It is non-negotiable, cleaning the house. Everyone must clean their home, and many times, regardless of how old a person is, especially if this person has the house all to themselves, they would, eventually, have to find a way to keep the house clean.

But, of course, as the title suggests, we will be talking about how to clean the house without a lightweight vacuum cleaner, and we will be focusing on how these machines can be used by the elderly. We might be tempted to call them frail (which, in all honesty, at that age, they are, at least to some extent) and for this reason, getting a lightweight vacuum cleaner would be advised for use to clean the home.

Some might be wondering why anyone might allow their elderly ones clean the home or go anywhere near any machine, but the truth is, many elderly ones do not like to just sit around the house and watch as other handles the day-to-day activities in and around the home while they lounge around doing nothing, and I am using my grandma as an example.

Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners For The Elderly – Quick Answer

She would neglect the fact that she is advanced in age and still get up and get things done around the house, putting those of us who are way younger and more agile to shame. So, for someone like her (who is in her 70s) and others like her, we would want to get them a vacuum cleaner that will not burden them when they try to get some cleaning done around the house.

In this article, I will be listing some of the lightweight vacuum machines that are suitable for the elderly. And these machines are not only lightweight, but they are also less expensive, and they do not take too much space in terms of storage.

Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners for the Elderly Review

Yes, there are a number of them, and this number can sometimes be daunting, not sure which one to pick, worried that you might make the mistake of picking the wrong one, but that is what I will be doing in this article, giving you products that you can easily choose from. You can always skip to the ones that catch your eye for its review and specifications.

  1. Hoover Linx Stick BH50010 – Best Lightweight Vacuum for Elderly

Of course, we have been talking about lightweight vacuum cleaners for the elderly, and this machine is certainly no different from the rest, coming in a 7.3 lbs. It comes with batteries that you can easily exchange for each other since you can use one to charge the other.

This machine is great for when you want to clean tight spaces. You can use it to clean under your couches or other furniture.

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  • This is a cord-free vacuum machine, and this is because it comes equipped with lithium batteries. Its batteries can easily be recharged, and one can be used to power the other.
  • With this machine’s wind-tunnel technology that makes use of a 3-way suction, you will be able to remove dirt that is hiding in the deepest parts of your carpet.
  • It has multiple floor cleaning ability. So, you will be able to easily transition from cleaning your hardwood floors to your carpets and rug and other surfaces.
  • It can work well to pick up dust particles, no matter the size, including your pet hair.
  • It has a two-year warranty.
  • It comes with a base that is low.
  • It does not come with a cord.

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  1. Shark Navigator Cordless SV1106 Lightweight Vacuum for Elderly

This is one other lightweight, cheap vacuum cleaner that has been designed to satisfy your personal needs. It comes with a weight of only 4.66 lbs., making a super lightweight model. It is very small, though versatile. Since this machine features a dust cup that is sufficiently large for your cleaning, you would not be required to empty it too often.

With this machine, you will be experiencing a different level of comfort. It will efficiently work at sucking up dirt and pet hair.

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  • This machine comes with a two-speed brush roll that is great for both hardwood floors and carpets. This feature allows it to be able to effectively clean different floors.
  • With this machine, you would not need to bother yourself with having to contend with a cord. You can use it without a cord (seeing as it does not come with any), all you would need to do is charge it (this would last you for four hours to accomplish) and use.
  • It has an excellent dust cup that will effectively hold your dirt, requiring you to only empty it when you are done with the cleaning.
  • Its dust cup is large and impressive.
  • It is lightweight as it is compact.
  • It works well to pick up dirt and pet hair.
  • It is quite affordable.
  • It comes with a double speed brush roll.

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  1. Hoover Corded SH20030 Vacuum for Elderly

This machine has a weight of 9.3 pounds, much like the previously reviewed model, making it another very lightweight machine for the elderly. With its lightweight nature, you can be assured that you do not have anything to worry about when it comes to its performance.

It is powered by the cyclonic technology, making sure that the machine does not lose any power when you are cleaning, and you can easily move from cleaning carpets to hardwood floors without any stress.

Its cord has a length of 20 feet, allowing you to easily move around the space you are cleaning without you worrying about having to carry it wherever you go.

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This machine has a recline handle that will help you make it become a flat device so that you can easily reach under your couches and other furniture. Its bottom-release dirt cup will let it empty the cup very easy, lessening the chance of dirt shooting up into your face.

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  1. Shark Rocket Upright HV302 Lightweight Vacuum for Elderly

This machine is an upright model, and it sure is very basic when it comes to features and tools and accessories, although, it is quite affordable, powerful, and something that an elderly would love to use, and that is why we have made this our top choice product.

This machine has been made to be an ergonomic machine with a design that is made for use on both your floors and your ceilings.

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It was first released in the year 2013 and it has a variation color, numbering 4, the Helix blue, orange, plum, and orange plus. You will be able to clean your home without any much stress because this machine comes with a swivel steering and it is lightweight, you can also use it to reach under your couches and other furniture.

This is a great choice for the elderly that wants to participate in the cleaning of the home, and those that experience some back pains can simply push it around, they can also pull and lift it when they are cleaning.

  • You can transform this vacuum cleaner into a handheld vacuum.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • It has a weightless than 8 lbs.
  • It has great suction power.
  • It comes with a free replacement feature.
  • Its filters can be washed, and they are easy to keep clean.
  • You can use this machine on carpets with a medium pile.
  • If you have a pet, you can use this machine to suck up their shed furs.

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  1. Oreck Commercial XL2100RHS Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners For Seniors

You probably like vacuum machines that come with the bag and are also upright, and this means that you will like this vacuum cleaner.

This is a great multiple floor cleaning machine that comes with a weight of only 8.2 lbs. With this weight, you will be able to comfortably work with it. It is affordable, with its price currently set at under two hundred dollars. You can use this machine to clean the stairs (although, I would advise that the elderly should not really clean here), office hallways and other less piled carpets.

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This machine has thin handles and a flat feature that makes cleaning quite easy and making its grip very comfortable. Although, those that use it mostly use it at workplaces, you can also use it to clean your home.

  • It has a weight of 8.2 pounds.
  • This is a machine that the elderly can comfortably use.
  • It comes with a floor adjustment that is automatic.
  • It is relatively affordable.
  • It requires little care and maintenance.
  • It makes cleaning quick and easy.
  • You can use it to clean carpets and hardwood floors.

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  1. Shark Rocket HV382 Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners For Seniors

This is a very lightweight vacuum cleaner that has a weight of fewer than 8 pounds, it also comes fitted with a DuoClean feature. This machine’s lightweight nature can help cleaning easy, making it very easy to maneuver, cleaning both the floors and ceilings. This machine is rated one of the best for the elderly, although lightweight, this machine comes packed with a lot of power.

You can easily detach the wand from the body, easily transforming it into a handheld device, and this will make it easy for you to clean the ceiling.

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  • It has a weight that is less than 8 lbs.
  • It comes with a foot pedal of HV382 that you can easily release, adding to its easy transformation.
  • This machine comes with an impressive dust cup.
  • Its LED lights help to illuminate hidden, dark corners.
  • It has a two-brush system that will help you clean hardwood floors and carpets.

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  1. Shark IONFlex 2X IF251 Vacuum Cleaners For Seniors

When we talk about a vacuum cleaner that can clean multiple floors, this machine is one that comes to mind because it also helps to make your work easier. With this machine, you will be able to easily and without any much stress, clean your home.

This machine comes with the DuoClean feature and you can clean your home or office without any hassle. Its versatility will enable you to clean those tight corners around your home and it can give your carpets some really good deep cleaning, making it have a refined look.

You can easily keep this machine in storage. This machine has a weight of about 8.7 lbs., making it very easy for you to keep it in your storage space when you are not using it.

This machine has made it to our list because of aa few of the above-listed features, especially because it makes cleaning easy for the elderly. If you will be doing some really intense cleaning, this is the machine for you.

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  • This machine has a duo clean feature that helps you to easily clean different floor types. It comes with a brush that is bristly and great for when you want to clean your carpets and hardwood floors. With its soft brush roll, cleaning hardwood floors is going to be a breeze.
  • This machine comes with multi-flex technology, making it very flexible. With this feature, you will be able to bend the vacuum’s wand so that you can reach those tight corners for efficient cleaning. You can also convert this machine into a handheld device so that you can get to clean the ceiling. With your shelves and corners dirty, this machine will surely get into those areas to get them clean.
  • This machine is cordless, and that is why there is the lithium battery feature making it easy for you to move the machine around without any stress. So, once this machine’s batteries are fully charged, you will be able to use this machine to get your cleaning on.
  • This is a very versatile machine.
  • It comes with a DuoClean feature that makes it easy for you to clean the various floor types.
  • It comes with some flexibility.
  • It comes without a cord.
  • It is lightweight and small.

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  1. Hoover Cordless Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner for Older People

This is an excellent vacuum cleaner. With many vacuum machines that offer you the battery feature and a run time of up to 40 minutes, this machine gives you up 50 minutes, meaning that you can clean for quite a while.

You can easily clean both the carpet and hardwood floors with this machine, and with its wind-tunnel technology, this machine will suck up dirt that is hidden in the deepest parts of your home.

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Do you have pets? Well, this machine will surely take care of their shed hair, and so will it take care of dust particles lying around the home. It comes with an electric brush roll that works well on different types of floors. You can move from hard floors to the carpets to effectively clean them up. It comes in at 10.7 pounds in weight.


  • This machine has two lithium batteries that can be easily recharged, and with these batteries come a charger.
  • This vacuum machine comes with an easy switch from hardwood floor cleaning to any other type of floor with just the push of a button.
  • With its wind-tunnel technology, that makes use of a three-way suction that will help to suck up the dirt from those parts of your home that is hard for you to get to.
  • This machine does not come with a cord.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • It can be used on both hardwood floors and on carpets.
  • It can function as a lift away canister.
  • Its wind-tunnel tech makes it easy to give your surfaces a deep clean.

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  1. Black & Decker Powerseries HCUA525J Best Vacuum for Seniors

Do you seek a flexible machine? Then look no further because the Black & Decker machine is the one for you. This is a very effective machine that comes with two functions.

This machine can either be used to clean the floor or it can be sued to clean the ceiling. It has a weight of just 8 lbs., and this makes it easy for an elderly to easily move it around when cleaning, and they can also easily stow it away.

This machine gives you more than just its large dust cup that would save you the stress of needing to constantly empty it as you clean.

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  • This machine comes with an auto-sense feature that lets the machine know just when you are changing the floors that you are cleaning. It knows when you are moving from a hardwood floor to a carpet, and it switches accordingly.

When it comes to using this machine to clean the ceiling and some smaller parts in the home, you have a removable canister in this machine that makes it very flexible to use.

  • It comes with a durable battery.
  • It has a very large dust cup.
  • It is flexible.
  • It has an auto-sense feature.
  • Its filter has an alert feature that lets you know when you need to empty the filter.

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  1. Shark Rocket ZS351 Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners for Seniors 2019

Do you own a pet that is always shedding its furs in and around the house? Or do you always find hairs (human hairs) lying around the house, on your carpet? Or do you experience both? Well, this machine will sure help you out there, with its Anti-hair technology and a large dust cup that makes this machine really efficient at taking care of the hair on the carpet problem, making it way more efficient than most of the other models on the market.

It has a weight of 9.3 lbs. and this makes it another great option for the elderly.

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You can easily transform this vacuum machine into a handheld device with its ultralight feature, adding to this machine’s portability.

  • You can easily remove this machine’s dust cup when you are trying to empty it.
  • It is designed for those who battle with pet hair.
  • It comes with excellent suction power that will deeply clean your carpets and hardwood floors.

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Buying The Best Lightweight Vacuum For The Elderly – What to Do

Many people usually end up getting the wrong vacuum machine because they are not armed with enough information as to just what kind of machine they are to get when they go out vacuum machine shopping.

These machines, and it does not matter what their height or weight is, can be grouped into different types, and they the upright, handheld, canister, robotic, stick, and so on.

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The upright type of vacuum cleaner is usually the most used one, especially for home uses since it gives the users a great deal of efficient cleaning for the removal of dust and other debris from their carpets and other surfaces.

The handheld models are typically the smallest kinds, and they are mostly lightweight in nature, usually coming with a flexible feature.

As for the robotic kinds, they are, as their name hints, automatic vacuum cleaning machines. All you would need to do with these kinds is, to just set a timer, and the machine will set out to do the job you have assigned it to do.

With the upright model, I certainly can say that this is the go-to option, and this is if the weight of the machine is what you feel is foremost in your mind.

The machines that we have listed above are great for use in small spaces because of how they have been designed. The canister model comes with a bag and a motor that comes on wheels that will make it easy for you move around the house, and this is especially important if you are an elderly person.

Do You Need a Lightweight Machine?

For people that want to eliminate those vacuum cleaners that come with heavy-set features that users usually find hard to move around the house while they clean, and for those who may suffer from some medical pains but still engage in housework, these people should certainly stay away from the regular sized machines. And this is not to leave out the elderly, too.

For you to have a vacuum cleaner that is very lightweight also means that it would be very easy for the elderly to move the machine around the home, especially when they try to clean places like the stairs, hardwood floors, carpets, and other surfaces that could otherwise be hard for one to reach when cleaning around the home.

Knowing How to Pick a Vacuum Cleaner for the Elderly

As with anything, before you set out to buy any device, especially when it concerns the elderly, you would need to consider a few things like:

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This is the top thing that you would need to take into consideration when you are about to get a vacuum cleaner for the elderly, any vacuum cleaner that has a weight of about 10 lbs. or more, these are not the best kind of vacuum cleaners for the elderly simply because of their weight and the difficulty that they may face trying to maneuver the machine when they clean.

The Power Button

Any machine that you will be buying for an elderly person must come with a power button that is easy to reach.

With or Without a Cord?

Another thing that you would need to consider is whether you want to get a vacuum cleaner that comes with a cord or one that does not. Each of these types have their upside and drawback.

When it comes to the power, the vacuum cleaners that comes with a cord will be able to be used when there is constant electricity, but the problem with this type is that the corded vacuum cleaners will limit the amount of places that you will be able to reach especially if they are the types that do not have an alternative power source.

With the cordless models, these ones are very easy to move around, these types work well when you are trying to reach those tight corners that the corded ones will find hard to reach. The cordless version will make it easy for you to clean the stairs, and you would not have to bother having to fall over any cord as it coils about on the floor around you as you clean.

One thing that might be a downside to the cordless version is that you would need them charged. Many of these ones can stay on for as long as 50 minutes, but once that time runs out, that is all you get, you would have to suspend cleaning to charge the machine before you can power it back up and continue with your work again.

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