Best Vacuum For Long Hair

If you are someone who has a long hair, which many people tend to have, you may have come to the realization that having to clean them off the floor, that is, after you might have combed out a handful of your locks onto the carpet or whatever floor surface, is one very tedious task to embark on, and even sometimes, using a vacuum cleaner does not seem to help. But, is it all vacuum cleaners for long hair that prove ineffective in this scenario?

No, not all. There are hair vacuum cleaners for long that work well to get rid of long hairs with great efficiency, and this is what we will be discussing in this article today.

Best Vacuum For Long Hair – Quick Answer

It is a tricky thing when you have a vacuum cleaner that you would expect to lift up your dirt and sundry, like your hair, or even that of your pet’s. But the thing there is that these things are quite different in nature, obviously, and for this reason, some hair vacuum cleaners would find it hard to be able to efficiently lift up these things.

We will be talking about best vacuums for long hair that come in various types, and these vacuum cleaners can be either the stick vacuums or the canister vacuum ones.

There are other things that we have also taken into consideration, things like if the vacuum comes with a cord or not, and if it does have a cord, just how long is it?

There is also the factor of the vacuum cleaner’s weight, and this is so because we have considered the fact that the heavier the vacuum cleaner, the less easy it is for you to maneuver it while cleaning. We have also looked into the product’s manufacturer’s warranty, because many buyers want machines that they can rely on, with the assurance that they have some protection from the model’s manufacturer. You should have it in mind, though, that getting a vacuum cleaner isn’t always the cheapest investment.

With all that said and out of the way, why don’t we jump right into it?

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Long Hair Reviews

  1. Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 – Vacuum Cleaner For Hair

Like we said earlier, the Shark company has a lot of hair vacuums models to its name, and these vacuums are usually best when it comes to getting rid of long hair from your floor surfaces. This vacuum cleaner, the navigator is a model that comes with a cord, and, though, this vacuum cleaner is not as high-technology as the other models by this brand, it still is one of the best options when it comes to vacuum machines for getting rid of long hair.

Seeing as this vacuum cleaner works great on both bare floors and carpets, the Navigator model is lightweight – having a weight of 15 lbs. – and because of this, you can move it around the home while cleaning with ease. This vacuum cleaner’s cord measures 25 feet, and this means that you will be able to reach far places with it without any trouble.

In many hair vacuum cleaners, people like to know just what the size of the machine’s dust cup is, is it big enough for a long clean or not? With this machine, you will get a dust cup that is impressive, impressive enough to hold your dirt until you are done cleaning.

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It comes with a brush roll that will help get rid of the long hair on your floors or carpets with ease, and this does not just function on floors alone, it works well on getting rid of long hair and debris that can be found buried in your furniture. This brush roll feature will make sure that the long hairs are shaken enough for easy removal.

This hair vacuum cleaner comes with a wand that you can easily extend, and with this feature, you will be able to clean your ceiling, and it could be as high as 10 feet. There is a crevice tool with this machine that will get to those tight spaces where your hair can swirl into. This is one great model for those who are in search of a vacuum cleaner for getting rid of long hair.

Let us take a look at its features. This is a corded, upright vacuum machine that has a weight of 15 lbs. and a warranty of five years. Its dust cup is impressive, and it has a crevice tool and a brush roll that make cleaning easier for you.

  • Its cord is long enough for you to reach into other places in your home.
  • Its suction power is quite impressive.
  • Its wand can be extended, and it also comes with a crevice tool.

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  1. Bissell Cleanview Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner 1831 For Long Hair

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that has a great price tag but is still able to handle all that you throw at it, then we will suggest that you go for the Bissell Cleanview Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. Although this vacuum cleaner is not feature-packed, you should know that it sure does get the job done. It is actually one of the best vacuum cleaners ever.

Like the other models that have been featured on this list, the Bissell model also comes with its own unique functions and properties that make it easy for you to be able to efficiently get that home of yours clean.

This vacuum cleaner comes with a multi-clone function that helps to increase the machine’s suction level and also making sure that all that you have picked up while vacuuming does not slip out of the machine once you have put it to a stop or you have the vacuum raised.

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There is the one-pass feature that helps to get rid of most of the dirt the first time so that you will not have to move back and forth over the same spot.

This machine is a lightweight vacuum cleaner, and it is also a corded version that has a cord length of 25 feet, with a hose that has a measurement of 6-feet, and with this lengths, you will be able to reach deep into those corners that are hard to reach. This is one very impressive model.

Why this vacuum cleaner has made it on our list of best vacuum cleaners is because of its brush tool that will break up any entangled hair that lay buried deep in your carpets, making it easier for you to reach in and get the human hair out of the surface. It can also be used to clean the stairs. When it comes to price and features, this vacuum cleaner really is one that you would find hard to ignore.

What are some of its features? Well, this machine is an upright vacuum machine, with a cord that is 25-feet long, and a weigh that measures 15.4 lbs., and a warranty of two years. The other features of this vacuum cleaner are its crevice tool, its extension wand, and a turbo brush tool that helps to effectively get rid of the hair on the carpet.

  • It comes with a warranty of two years.
  • This is one great investment.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It has the brush tool that helps to remove long hair.

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  1. Shark APEX Upright Vacuum Cleaner with the DuoClean AZ1002- Best Vacuum Cleaner For Hair

When it comes to vacuums that are great for long hairs, Shark Apex is the best. Best among the best. The makers of this upright vacuum cleaner, shark, are known to create great products that always manage to stand out among the crowd, and this vacuum cleaner, the Shark Apex machine, is one of their most recent models. This vacuum cleaner works well to remove any kind of hair off your carpet, be it short or long, it sure will get them removed.

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It comes with many interesting features and functions that are patented, that can be found in many of their other models.

The features that are included in this vacuum cleaner rare the power lift-away, the Duo Clean function, and the zero-m. What does the Duo Clean function do? Well, what it does is, it functions as a brush system that is great in the cleaning of hardwood floors, making it have the perfect shine. With its power lift-away function, you will be able to remove the nozzle so that you can get into those very tight corners and get them all clean and tidy.

There is a major part of this vacuum cleaner that makes sure that any long hair sitting annoyingly on your carpet is removed is the Zero-M function. What it does is, it improves the machine’s suction, and with an increased suction, the machine will be able to remove human hair wraps and get that hair off where you do not want it to be. This Apex machine also comes with a very important HEPA filter and an anti-allergenic function that works great for people who are allergic to the furs of pets.

When you work with this vacuum cleaner, you will experience the kind of silence that you would not experience in a lot of vacuum machines out there, it is a great machine that works well to take care of your pet’s hair that is shed about the home.

This vacuum cleaner is easily maneuverable, and it has great power. It has a weight of 16 lbs. this makes it easy for you to take it up the stairs or move it easily around your home.

Because the makers of this vacuum cleaner know just what they have made, it comes with a 5-year warranty, this should keep you assured.

Let us quickly brush through some of this vacuum cleaner features:

  • It is an upright vacuum cleaner.
  • It is corded, and its cord is 30-feet long.
  • It has a weight of 16 lbs.
  • It has a 5-year warranty.
  • There is a detachable canister, Zero-M, lift away, DuoClean, and the active glide technology.
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • It is lightweight and it makes no sound when you use it.
  • It has a zero-m function that makes it very easy to remove hair.

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  1. Miele Pure Suction Canister Vacuum – Best Cleaner For Long Hair

Many users of vacuum hair cleaning machines have relegated the canister vacuums style as outmoded. They have gotten used to the upright vacuum cleaners, and that is why the makers of this vacuum cleaner have developed a model that would do well to contend that belief that these consumers have.

The Miele vacuum cleaner is quite small in size and is the lightest of all the machines that we have reviewed so far, weighing just 10 lbs. Miele is a machine that you will find easy to use and quite hassle-free when working with it, even though it does not satisfy our need for an upright model. Miele pure suction comes with a swivel design that goes 360 degrees, and what this means is that you can have this Miele machine anywhere in your home.

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This vacuum cleaner comes fitted with an Airclean filter function that makes sure that once debris and other things get into it, nothing is getting out of it. It has a turbo brush that is mainly used to tackle those long hairs of yours lying on your carpet.

One thing that you may not like about this vacuum cleaner, I mean, apart from the fact that it is not an upright version, is that it comes with bags that would need you to replace them as each bag you use gets worn out.

This vacuum cleaner comes with a suction setting dial that will allow you to choose from the six available options. This feature was put so that you will be able to modify the machine’s suction level, and this usually would depend on the kind of floor that you are vacuuming, and this function makes this machine great on carpets and floors that are tiled.

In this machine, with its suction settings dial, you also get settings for your hardwood floors, your furniture, your carpets, and so forth, and this will make it easier for you to be able to pick debris and long hairs up. It does not matter if the long hair you are trying to get rid of is that of your pet’s, this vacuum cleaner does well to lift up both your long hair and that of your pet’s with ease.

What are its features? This machine is not the upright vacuum kind, instead, it is the canister model with a weight of 10.2 lbs., and a cord that has a length of 21 feet, and a warranty of seven years.

  • It takes care of both lint and long hair.
  • It has an air cleaning feature.
  • It comes with suction settings of 6 levels.
  • It has a 7-year warranty (for some of the machine’s parts).

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  1. Eureka NEU562A FloorRover – Cleaner For Hair

This is an upright vacuum cleaner that is also a great investment, packed with a lot of interesting features that work well to get rid of your long hair, and not just yours, it can also serve as a pet hair vacuum, too, seeing as it comes equipped with a pet turbo brush.

It comes with ball-style steering, and this means that you would only need to swivel the body of this machine, and this feature makes this vacuum cleaner one of the easiest machines to maneuver when you are using it to clean parts around your home, and it will efficiently clean a large space of ground in a very short period of time.

The functions that come with this machine are very enviable, there is a feature that works well to take care of your furniture and the hair of your pet, and there is also a function that would do well to get into those small, tight places in our home. This machine will not stop its suction function when you are using it because it comes with a cyclical suction function that works to handle that.

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This machine comes with the HEPA filter that would be especially useful for those who are allergic to pet hair, and this HEPA filter will be able to get things filtered down to 0.3 microns. If you know that you suffer from some allergic symptoms, then you should get this vacuum cleaner.

The Eureka machine is a lightweight vacuum cleaner and very simple to make use of, and getting its dust cup empty is fairly easy, too. The fact that this machine does not require you to use a bag means that you would not need to spend any money on buying/replacing bags.

Let us take a look at what this machine offers. This is sure one upright kind of vacuum cleaner that has a weight of 18 lbs., with a cord that has a length of 30 feet, and a 5-year warranty. There is also the pet turbo brush and a crevice tool that works well in getting those long hairs and debris out of those small corners.

  • It is very easy to use, and quite simple to move around.
  • It comes with anti-allergen filters that work well for those with allergies, especially with pet hairs.
  • It is a great investment.
  • It does not come with a bag.

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  1. Severin Nonstop MY 7115 -Best Vacuum For Hair

We have only talked about one canister vacuum cleaner, and the Severin machine is the second that we will be talking about. The makers of this model have made sure that this machine is among one of the noiseless vacuum cleaners.

It comes with various accessories like the upholsteries and crevice tool and the xl parquet nozzle. There is a click feature that would make it easy for you to empty the dust cup once you are done vacuuming.

This machine is quite lightweight and very easy to use. You might find that it is very easy for you to move around the house, and it is quite easy on your wrist when you work. It has a hose that is not up to 6 feet and looking at this, it is less than what you will find in other models.

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People who have used this machine have said that they loved using it to clean up both their long hair and that of their pets, although you might find that some of this vacuum cleaner’s functions are not as impressive as you would hope, one thing that is for sure is that when it comes to its price, this machine is quite easy to afford, when you make a comparison with other models on the market.

You might live in a small apartment and might not even need a vacuum machine that is upright, you can always go with this machine. Remember that it is quite noiseless.

It comes with a HEPA filter that works well for the removal of long human hair and vacuum pet hair, and the HEPA filter is made to stay for as long as the machine runs.

Let us brush through this machine’s features quickly: it is a canister vacuum cleaner type that has a weight of 19 lbs. and a warranty of two years. It comes with a HEPA filter that is made to last, and a crevice and upholstery tool and an xl parquet nozzle.

  • It is a noiseless vacuum cleaner.
  • It comes with a lot of accessories.
  • It is a lightweight machine.

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  1. Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away NV500 – Best Vacuum For Hair

We sure won’t stop listing the Shark products, will we? This machine has been called a ‘Rotator’ because of the fact that this machine can be easily maneuvered when used to clean the home. Although this is a machine that comes with a cord, you can easily move it from one spot to the other without any hassle.

We do not have to talk about this machine’s suction power seeing as all Shark products come with exceptional suction power, and with this power comes some extra functions. It has a ball design that is obviously rounded, and what this means is that you will be able to move this machine around seamlessly. It can be converted, and this means that you can easily transform it into a handheld machine or into a canister vacuum type, depends on how you want it to be. It does not matter what form you convert it into, this machine still works in a silent mode.

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The Rotator has a lot of tools that cater to those that have pets, and this machine has been made to be a machine that works well for pets with long hairs. The tools mentioned here can do well to suck up those hairs from your surfaces and furniture.

This machine has a suction that just keeps on going without fail. And this means that even when you do stop the machine to, maybe, attend to something else, the dirt and hairs that you have picked up will not be released back to the floor. One thing that you need to know, though, is that this machine might not find it easy to move well on your hardwood floors, although, when it comes to it working on carpets and rugs, this machine works great. It also has a turbo brush tool that helps to effectively get rid of the long hairs on the carpet

Let us breeze through its feature: this is a corded machine (30 feet long) that is an upright model that can be easily transformed into the canister vacuum mode (if you choose to), with a weight of 15.5 lbs., and a 5-year warranty. Its anti-allergen seals completely so that all the sucked up dirt do not rush back out of the machine and onto your floor surface.

  • It has a warranty of 5 years.
  • It can be easily maneuvered.
  • It has a function that works well for pet hairs.

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Getting The Best Vacuum Cleaner For Long Hair

It is without doubt, especially if you are someone that has once tried to get the best vacuum cleaner for a specific purpose, that getting one of these machines (the best) is not an easy task. Many of the machines that might be great on some things are not always great on other things.

Individual vacuum cleaners come with their own unique purposes. So, when you decide to get a vacuum cleaner, you should know just what you will want the machine to do for you, the surfaces you will be cleaning, and the kinds of dirt that you will require that it gets rid of for you.

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Vacuum Cleaners for Long Hairs

If you know that whenever you clean your home, you always encounter long hairs on your floor surfaces, then you sure would need to get a vacuum cleaner that would work well to handle that issue. It could be that you are someone that has a long hair, or someone in the home, or even your pet, to make sure that you have a good handle on this, you should get a vacuum cleaner that will make the job easier for you.

Sometimes even, these hairs could be hiding in your furniture, and you are unable to get them out, why? Because you do not have the tool that would efficiently get rid of these hairs hanging around your home.

What You Should Take into Consideration

Now, we have been talking about you getting a vacuum cleaner that works well for long hairs, well, the next question is, how does one go about finding the right vacuum cleaner that would work well to eliminate these? I mean, apart from the list, here is something to take to heart when selecting.

The Vacuum Type

Robot Vacuum

These ones do not need you to do anything, well, maybe except power them up and let them do their job while you watch. With these types of machines, you will not be able to tell where they clean, like your furniture, curtains, and so forth, and these types can be very costly.

The Handheld Version

These ones are mostly used by those that clean cars’ interiors and furniture, even though this can effectively handle dirt that is hidden in tight corners, it is not advised that you used them for your home.

The Canister Type

These ones are usually quite affordable, more than the other models that are available, and they are usually smaller in size. They have a hose that will work well to extend to places that are hard to reach.

The Upright Version

These are very popular. Simple to use. And they are perfect for moving around the house. Some of these models can be transformed into canister vacuum and handheld types. They also come with wands that can be extended to reach into tight spaces.

The Power

The more power a machine has, the better for you. Most handheld vacuum cleaners do not usually come packed with lots of power, but as for the upright versions, they sure come packed with this, and they are also quite easy to use.

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Power is something that you would need to consider when picking out a machine. one way to be sure of the machine’s power is to check what people are saying about it, online or offline (if you choose).

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