Best Vacuum for vinyl Floors

Vinyl floors are known to be one of the most durable floors used around the house especially for most owners with kids and pets. A Vacuum is one of the important necessities to have at home especially for hard floors like a vinyl floor, a vacuum helps remove debris from the floor, upholstery and other surfaces and they are generally used with electricity.

Using a vacuum is very important for a vinyl floor because it keeps you from pushing around the dirt and debris, which is why you have to go for one of the best long lasting Vacuum suitable for vinyl floors also because picking up specks of dirt with your broom or vacuum can scratch your vinyl floor. The best vacuum for vinyl floors does a very good job of cleaning it.

Best Vacuum For Vinyl Floors – Quick Answer

There are various numbers of vacuums available today, the most popular type happens to be the upright vacuum but they are not recommended for vinyl floors because vinyl floors can rip off very easily and upright vacuum cleaners are quite heavy especially for vinyl floors this is why most times people are advised to use stick vacuums for their vinyl floors since they are lighter and cause less damage or better still canister or robotic vacuums.

However, before getting  a vacuum cleaner for your vinyl floors you have to look out for some important specification like


Before getting a vacuum for your vinyl floor always look out for the power capacity it is also called the suction power. For a vinyl floor, you would need more suction power to help remove the specks of dirt and debris.


Vinyl floors can get scratched, thus vacuums that are not specifically designed for them can easily get them scratched and ruin your perfect flooring which is why you have to watch out for the wheels. It is advisable to get vacuums with rubber wheels, they are safe for all hard floors.

Weight And Size

The weight and size of a vacuum are also very important if the vacuum is too heavy it would be harder to use on a vinyl floor, this is why stick vacuums are often used on vinyl floors because they tend to be lighter and smaller. Ensure you get a vacuum you can push around on your vinyl floor comfortably.

Cord Or Cordless

Using between a cord and cordless vacuum is quite a hard choice to make, however, for vinyl floors, corded vacuums are the best option because you can use them for as long as they are plucked in but you just have to move the power cord around as you clean. While Cordless vacuums for vinyl floors tend to be smaller and they are usually in the form of stick vacuums or robotic vacuums for vinyl floors. Either these products are extremely convenient but they can only work for a certain amount of time then you have to charge them.

Bagged Or Bagless

Bagged vacuums for vinyl floors have a disposable bag and when the bag is full, you take it out of your vacuum and dispose of it, you will then need to put a new bag in your vacuum afterward while Bagless vacuums for vinyl floors do not have any bag in their dust bin, for example, stick vacuums for vinyl floors. Bagged vacuums are hygienic and bagless vacuums are easier to use.

In this post, we have reviewed the best vacuum for vinyl floors to look out for in order to keep your floors sparkling.

Best Vacuum For Vinyl Floors Review 2020

  1. Tritan Bagged Canister Vacuum With HEPA Filtration

This is a popular best vacuum for vinyl floors, it is a powerful deep cleaning vacuum that can be used on any flooring surface. This vacuum is very lightweight and is designed with rubber wheels that prevent your floors from scratching. It comes with boad tools, self-retracting cords and rubber wheels that protect your floors from any damages during cleaning. it also has an ANTI-ALLERGY SEALED HEPA FILTRATION for those who are prone to allergies and a 3 stage filtration cleaner that pulls allergens off of your floor and with its bagged design and sealed HEPA filtration it will keep all of the dust inside to be easily disposed of.


  • It has a lightweight and scratch-free.
  • It comes with an Anti-allergy HEPA filtration.
  • It comes with conveniently attached tools.
  • It has an automatic cord rewind.
  • The hose length is slightly short.
  • The power button is on the canister.
  • The floor sweeper attachment falls off occasionally.

  1. Bissell PowerEdge Pet Hardwood Floor Bagless Cleaner, 81L2A Stick Vacuum, Gray

The Bissell PowerEdge is a stick vacuum and its recommended for vinyl floors. It comes with a v-shaped cleaning head design that directs larger debris into the center suction path, while the ends of the V capture small debris this allows it easily clean around furniture legs and corners, with its variable suction power it allows you control what part of the vacuum to us on your vinyl floor. It is bagless and uses a power cord. It has a rubber squeegee system that helps collect pet hair and dirt. This vacuum is very durable and can last for as long as 5 years and more.

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  • Easy-to-empty dirt cup.
  • It easily cleans edges and corners.
  • It has a squeegee system.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It is easy to empty.
  • It gets clogged at some point.

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  1. PUPPYOO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 2 in 1 Handheld Vacuum with 9Kpa Strong Suction Bagless Stick Rechargeable Lightweight Vacuum for Floor Carpet Car Pet Hair Wall Mount,536

 This is a 2 in 1 designed vacuum suitable for any floor vinyl floor types. It is a stick vacuum that can easily transform into a handheld unit. It has a Super Suction Power, by the direct-drive motorhead technology, that helps drive stiff nylon bristles and pet hair, it has a deep and thorough cleaning suits for hardwood floors. It is cordless and can work for 30 mins on standard power, and has an option to boost to a high power which can last for like 20 min before needing to be recharged.


  • It is cordless.
  • It is lightweight and versatile.
  • Easy to swivel.
  • Good for removing pet hairs.
  • It can easily reach up high.
  • Detachable, replaceable battery.
  • It can easily transform into a handheld.
  • Washable components.
  • Not suitable for large cleaning areas.
  • It doesn’t have a strong suction strength.

  1. iRobot Braava 380t Advanced Robot Mop- Wet Mopping and Dry Sweeping Cleaning Modes, Large Spaces

The Irobot Braavais a robotic vacuum, it has advanced technology like a pro-clean system that enables triple-pass mopping action and it works perfectly on all hard surface floors. It is designed to mop and sweep and can either operate on a dry or wet floor and it can also clean multiple rooms and large spaces. It can easily move around corners and edges and cleans under the furniture and places that are hard to reach. This robot Vinyl Floor Sweeper will ensure that your floors stay clean for a long time.


  • It has two modes-damp mopping and dry sweeping.
  • Suitable for all floor types.
  • Easy to use.
  • Clean multiple rooms.
  • It has a limited cleaning capacity.

  1. Shark Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded (Non-Cordless) Bagless Carpet and Hard Floor with Hand Vacuum, Charcoal

This shark rocket vacuum cleaner is the best vacuum for vinyl floors because of its efficiency and durability. It has a dual clean technology that deep cleans vinyl floors quickly and without stains, it is also a handheld lightweight vacuum cleaner that makes it easy to carry around when cleaning. Like other shark vacuum cleaners, it has a bright led light to easily help spot hidden debris around your home. Another great feature of this Shark Rocket DuoClean is that it comes with a wall-mount hook that can let you mount the vacuum to save some space and it also comes with a pet multi-tool that allows the vacuum to remove pet hair littered around the house.

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  • It has a strong suction power.
  • It is lightweight.
  • It comes with bright Led lights for dim light areas.
  • Brush roll with hard and soft bristles.
  • Brush roller might fall off occasionally.

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  1. Dyson DC50 Animal Compact Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Iron/Purple – Corded

Dyson products are popularly known for their great design and features of the first bagless and cyclonic vacuums. The Dyson DC50 Animal has one of the strongest suction power that makes it one of the best vacuum for vinyl floors. It has a post-on-button that makes emptying the dirt bin very fast and a larget tank capacity that helps you clean wider rooms or larget areas easily. With its high suction, it easily lifts all types of dirt and debris off the floor including pet hairs. It has a sealed HEPA filtration system that keeps the germs, allergens, viruses, bacteria, and pollens trapped inside while vacuuming and prevent them from escaping into the air that makes it suitable for those that have a reaction to an allergy.

The Dyson DC50 Animal has a self-adjusting head that allows the vacuum to automatically adjusts according to any floor type, in addition, Its versatility and power enable you to clean your whole house easily and it also has a very long cord enough to clean multiple rooms and wider areas at the same time.


  • It has a very long power cord.
  • It has strong suction.
  • Versatile self-adjusting head.
  • It is suitable for any surface.
  • It has a swivel floor nozzle.
  • A washable HEPA filtration system.
  • The bristles can easily get worn out.
  • It is quite heavy.
  • The canister holds little dirt.

  1. Hoover FloorMate Deluxe Hard Floor Cleaner, Wet Dry Vacuum, FH40160PC, Silver

Hoover FloorMate Moondust Deluxe is no doubt one of the best vacuums for vinyl floors, it gently and safely scrubs the floor. It has a soft wheel that protects your vinyl floor and makes you maneuver around easily. It has a clean boost control that helps you control the vacuum fast and easy and a wash dry mode and a dual tank technology. Unlike scrubbing it has a spin scrub brush that gently cleans your vinyl floor without leaving scratches and it dries in one motion and leaves your floor shiny and dry. Furthermore, it has a dual tank that keeps clean and dirty water separately and each one has a separate reservoir.


  • It has a dual tank technology.
  • Soft wheels.
  • It has a wash and dry option.
  • It has a clean boost control.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Dries up the floor fast.
  • Interchangeable brushes.


  • The brushes stop spinning after some time.
  • The handle is not quite strong.
  • Refilling of the water tank occasionally.

  1. iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Self-Charging

The Irobot Roomba 690 Offers a wide range of advanced features with its unique sleek designs that compliment your home decor. It has a 3 stage cleaning system, It comes with a dual brush system that can be used to clean different surfaces including wood floors, high pile, and low pile carpets, rugs, and vinyl floors. It can run for a long as 90 minutes before it automatically docks and recharges. It has an amazing feature of wifi connectivity that lets you operate it from anywhere, it also has a wall barrier that helps you keep it restricted to some certain areas. It has a dirt detection feature that easily detects areas that are heavily soiled and puts extra power to kill stubborn specks of dirt. Its spinning side brushes enable the vacuum to clean the edges and direct the debris in the path of the vacuum where they could be sucked into the canister.


  • Its brushes are capable of picking large debris.
  • Automatic charging.
  • It operates with voice commands.
  • It has edge sweeping brushes.
  • It automatically adjusts the cleaning head.
  • Battery consumption is high.


  1. Bissell Symphony Pet Steam Mop and Steam Vacuum Cleaner for Hardwood and Tile Floors, with Microfiber Mop Pads, 1543A, Purple

This Bissell Symphony 1543A Steam Vacuum Cleaner comes with a mopping feature, it is a very good vacuum cleaner for vinyl floors, it provides suction and steam for effective cleaning. It is specially designed with pet owners in mind and dedicated to the Bissell foundation for saving pets.

The Drop-it tank ensures all the dirt goes into the tank without you having to necessarily touch it or get your hands dirty. It comes with disposable pads to help you easily dispose of your pet’s specks of dirt. You can easily warm the dry floor when vacuuming.

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  • It comes with a large tank.
  • It can vacuum, mop and steam.
  • The vacuum canister is easy to empty.
  • It has good suction.
  • It has disposable mop pads.
  • It has a dry tank technology.
  • The power cord is thick.
  • It is slightly heavy.

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  1. Eureka Power Speed Turbo Spotlight Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Pet Tool, Orange, NEU188A

The Eureka power speed vacuum is a lightweight cordless stick vacuum. It is an upright vacuum that can be converted into a handheld cordless vacuum. It comes with a motorized power brush for easy use. It is a cordless vacuum, so it doesn’t have a  power cord to get in the way when using this Vacuum. It has a great battery life and keeps power stored on the charger, sand so it doesn’t need recharging between cleaning.

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  • It is lightweight.
  • It has an allergen filtration system.
  • It can be handheld.
  • It grips and gets caught on some surfaces.
  • It has a short cord.

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When buying a vacuum cleaner for your vinyl floor you must make research and informed decisions in order to decide which the best vacuum for the vinyl floor before purchasing it, this is why here we have compiled a list of best vacuum for vinyl floors to help you make these decisions on what to go for when buying a vacuum cleaner for your vinyl floor. These listed products are almost of the same quality regardless of the ranking.

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