How to Clean a Vacuum Cleaner

Can you remember when was the last time you cleaned your vacuum cleaner? Most of us do not give priority in cleaning vacuum cleaners. Again, some people clean it in the wrong way. All these decrease the lifespan of your vacuum cleaner.

If you want your vacuum cleaner to last long you need to clean the cleaner properly. In this article, I will talk about the topic, “How to clean a vacuum cleaner?” There are different types of vacuum cleaner like a heavy, big, lightweight, small vacuum for small apartments and others. Most of them are built with the same functions.

Today I will discuss step by step cleaning and share some tips. So keep learning how to clean a vacuum cleaner.


Gather Necessary Equipment

You need a few tools to clean your vacuum cleaner. At first, gather them and then start. Let’s see what do you need to clean a vacuum cleaner?

  • Dish soap (Any other cleaning agent)

  • Vinegar solution

  • Duct tape

  • Clean water

  • Can of compressed air (Not mandatory)

  • Scissors (one pair)

  • Cleaning brush

  • Cleaning broom

  • Rubbing Alcohol

  • Clean, microfiber cloth

  • Disposable gloves

  • Garbage basket

This is all you need to clean a vacuum cleaner.  


Pre-Cleaning steps

You need to follow some steps before starting to clean. Let’s get them one by one.


Step 1: Follow the Manual

Surely you have got an instruction paper with your vacuum cleaner. Before cleaning, read the manual properly. You don’t need to read everything. Just read, how to break apart and clean the vacuum. Follow the instructions strictly. Don’t do anything forbidden motioned in the manual.


If you lost your manual, what can you do?

No worries. You will get most of the manuals on the internet. Download the manual or read it online. Try to look for the exact manual.

You may not get the exact model. Most of the vacuums come with the same cleaning process. So, if you can’t find the manual, you can follow other manuals.


Step 2: Unplug your Vacuum Cleaner

It is the most important step. Make sure you unplug the vacuum cleaner before starting cleaning. It can be harmful if you apply water while plugged in.

You may think it is safe to just turn off the plug. But, NO. You need to unplug it. Water can create action even after the switch is off. 


Basic Cleaning Activities

Step 1: Remove the Canister

We are getting into the main action. Now, you need to learn how to remove the internal parts. You can watch different videos to learn it. It is not too complex. I think you are already skilled at it. 

The main thing is to remove the canister. Then take out the filter. also, break down the deconstructed parts of the cleaner. 


Step 2: Empty the Canister

Now it’s time to remove garbage from the canister. First, open up the canister. Now drop the inside garbage and dirt into the garbage bag. 

It can’t easily clear the canister. You may have to shake the canister to empty it completely. Do it carefully, otherwise, your house may get dirty. 


Step 3: Prepare the Cloth

Now come to the cloth. Take a microfiber cloth and wet it into the cleaning agent. (Make sure the water and the cloth are clean) You can also apply some drops of vinegar mix (or other cleaning agents) on the cloth. 

Remember to squeeze the cloth if you feel excess moisture. 


Step 4: Clean the Canister 

You have come to the first main step in cleaning. Now it’s time to wipe down the canister. Rub-down the inside part first. Then clean the outside of the canister. Cleaning inside is tougher than cleaning outside. So give more effort while cleaning inside.


Step 5: Wipe down the Other Accessible Parts

Now it’s time to wipe down the other parts of the vacuum. You need to clean the core and outer side of the hose.

Caution: Do not wipe down any electrified components such as plug. It is so dangerous.


Step 6: Remove the Filter and Wash it

The filter is an important part of the vacuum cleaner. You need to keep it clean as well. Generally, it resides at the top of the canister. First, remove the filter. Now run cold water over it to clean it. Do not use any cleaning agent or soap. Just use the water to clean it. 

Notice the grime and dirt into the filter. Run the water until you get everything clean.


Step 7: Dry out the Components

It’s obvious to let them completely dry before attaching them into the vacuum cleaner. Most people think 2-3 hours is enough to dry them. If you think so then you are completely wrong.

It is safe and wise to dry them for a day. Now the question is where to dry them? I suggest drying them in a warm spot. It is better to dry them where sunlight reaches directly. It will stop growing bacteria. 

If it is not possible to get such a place then keep them in a warm spot. Avoid confined places. Such places can increase bacteria.


Clean the Beater Bar

Step 1: Cut out the Hair

A beater bar is a place where dirt and grime are sucked in. It resides at the bottom of the vacuum. Sometimes, it heaps up dirt and hair. I know that looks gross. It is also unsanitary. So, use disposable gloves to cut it. 


Step 2: Sterilize the Beater Bar

Already said, the beater bar is the most unhygienic part of the cleaner. So, it is better to use rubbing alcohol to disinfect it.

Take a clean cloth or a cotton swab. Apply a particular amount of running alcohol to the swab. Now run it over the beater bar. Also, rub on the part that touches the ground. 

Caution: Do not spread alcohol on rubber pieces of the vacuum cleaner.


Step 3: Spin the Beater Bar

If you are allowed to separate the beater bar then skip this point. Most of the beater bars can’t be removed from the cleaner. So you need to use your hand to spin it to disinfect every side. 

If you can remove it then you can easily clean it with a wipe. Check out the Instructions paper to know whether it can be detached or not.


Clean the Hose

We are in the final part of the cleaning. Learn step by step how to clean the hose.


Step 1: Dispel the Clogs Using a Wire Hanger

According to it’s necessary to dispel the Clogs inside the hose. You can use a wire hanger having a slight curve end. Insert the wire handle and use the curve end to remove any clogging up dirt.

Caution: Do not poke at the hose. It may create a hole in the hose.


Step 2: Remove the Dust from the Hose

You Just need a broom or mop and duct tape to remove the dust. Wrap a mop handle using duct tape to attach the dryer sheet to the stick. Now insert it inside the hose and maneuver it. It will gently clean the dust inside it. 


Step 3:  Disinfect the House

Now take a broom and tape a paper towel to the end of the broom. Now wire the paper towel into the vinegar solution. Insert the towel into the hose and gently rub it. It will reduce odor as well as kill germs.


How to make Vinegar Solution?

Take 2 cup water (a little size cup). Then mix 1 cup vinegar into it (same size cup). The vinegar solution is done.

You can use a cleaning sanitizer instead of a vinegar solution.


Step 4: Dry Out the Hose

Hose also takes a day to get dry out. It’s better to dry it in the sunlight. If it is not possible then dry the hose in a warm place.

Remember, trapped water inside the hose or canister can harm your vacuum cleaner. So make sure the hose and canister are completely dry. 


Additional Tips and Advice on Cleaning your Vacuum Cleaner

I want to share some tips and give some advice about cleaning your vacuum cleaner. Read it carefully, it may help you in cleaning.

  • Make a schedule to clean your vacuum cleaner. Make a fixed date of the month to clean it. It is not mandatory to clean it every month. It mainly depends on the pollution level. If the pollution level is low then you have to clean it within a few months.

  • Sometimes, there are cracks in the vacuum hose. In such cases, clean carefully.

  • Don’t let the vacuum canister bag fill up over 75%

  • If you need extra-deep cleaning them you can contact vacuum repair stores. 


Final Thought

I have already discussed the topic “How to clean a vacuum cleaner?” It is not too tough that people think. Even you will get all the cleaning equipment in your house.

Don’t be tensed about different processes of different types of machines. Ultimately, the main process is the same for a vacuum for fleas, vacuum cleaners for arthritis sufferers, lightweight vacuum cleaners, and others. 

The main thing is to clean the filter, beater bar, canister, and loop. Also careful about additional parts like central vacuum powerhead, cords, etc.

Follow my Instructions, follow the manual, remain gentle and clean it steadily. Hopefully, you will face no problem while cleaning your vacuum cleaner.

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