Dyson DC39 Pet Canister Vacuum Leaves Other Canisters in the Dust

Some people prefer the canister style vacuum cleaners to the upright models and the Dyson DC39 Animal is the most powerful canister vacuum, which is great when it comes to eliminating pet hair. This DC39 animal canister vacuum will efficiently remove all pet hair from short to medium pile carpets and hardwood floors. I actually had an older version of this machine and I have just replaced it after nine years.

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Powerful Level 3 Root Cyclone Technology™

The DC39 Animal has exceptionally powerful suction through the popular Dyson Root Cyclone Technology™. The suction stays constant until the canister is full (IEC 60312 Cl 2.9 test standard), although I find it’s best to empty it just before that.

Dual Brushbar with toggle switch for different surfaces

Easy to switch over when moving from hardwood to carpets. The brushbar is air driven to dislodge dirt and pet hair from carpets. It works best on medium and short pile carpets. For very long pile carpets I would actually recommend one of the upright models for removing pet hair.

Articulating floor tool

This glides over hard floors and under furniture, or you can use the brushbar by simply turning off the air drive. If you have a polished wooden floor, it’s best to use the floor tool as it has bristles so there’s no risk of scratching. This hard floor tool is cleverly designed with two pivoting points, allowing it to move both up and down and left to right. In other words it will easily go where you want it to go. The floor tools snap on and off, so can be changed over very easily.

Nice long cord

The cord on the Dyson DC39 Animal Canister is 21.3 feet long, easily reaches around larger rooms.

Long and strong hose

The extra long hose is strong and crush resistant.

Telescopic Wrap system

The wand can expand and retract for easy storage. Wrap the hose around the machine and tada!

Brush tool and Crevice tool combination

The brush and crevice tool are cleverly combined. Slide the brush up and the crevice tool appears. The brush makes dusting a breeze, while the crevice tool fits into the narrowest of areas like window sliders for easy removal of dirt and dust.

Upholstery turbine tool also included

The DC39 also comes with a turbine tool for easy upholstery cleaning. This tool is also great for stairs. It doesn’t have a brush bar, but two flexible rotating heads. Try it on your mattress and you’ll be shocked at what comes out.

Certified asthma friendly by the US Asthma and Allergy Foundation

The lifetime HEPA filter traps microscopic pieces of dust and dirt that would get through most bags and filters. Completely safe to use for allergy sufferers or asthmatics.

Bagless, so no bags to buy

Vacuum bags are a pain, because…

You have to buy them, so they’re an ongoing expense and..
They clog up quickly so you have to keep changing bags.

Clear canister is very easy to empty

Simply press a button to release the canister, tip it into the bin and release the dirt. Easy!

Foot controls for easy access

Don’t bend down to turn your Dyson DC39 Animal on and off, simply activate the switch with your foot. There is another foot switch for retracting the cord too.

Dyson Five year warranty

The DC39 Animal in guaranteed against faults and defects for five years.

Lightweight and easy to pull around

Nice lightweight machine with Dyson Ball technology, designed to swivel well on the floor. The low center of gravity means it will follow you around easily, (just like any well behaved animal :-))


Some users have found the attachments are a bit hard to store on the machine and that pet hair can cling to the hose. This is probably due to static electricity.

Features at a glance…

  • Lightweight – 19.5 pounds and strong construction
  • Level 3 root cyclone technology
  • Hygienic clear canister is easy to empty
  • Follows you around easily, will not topple
  • Air driven brushbar with toggle switch
  • Bagless – no bags to buy
  • Strong and long crush resistant hose
  • Brush, crevice and turbine tools included
  • Fully articulated floor tool – will not scratch
  • Foot controlled on/off switch and cord retraction switch
  • Total reach is 32.8 feet
  • Fully guaranteed for five years

What people are saying about the Dyson DC39 Animal….

“This by far the BEST Vacuum I’ve ever owed.!! The suction is totally amazing! Gets dirt out and even the smallest of particles embedded in carpet. I used the Allergy tool for my mattress and could NOT believe all the dirt & stuff I got out of our mattress!! It made a believer of me.. The ease of the canister & little weight is amazing. Convenience of attachments makes my vacuuming a quick & easy job, just click on & go.”

To sum up, the Dyson DC39 Animal Ball vac is a lightweight, but powerful canister vacuum which is perfect for serious pet hair.


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