Dyson DC41 Upright Animal Cleaner

The Dyson DC41 – Easy steering!

The Dyson DC41 pet vacuum cleaner is one of the newer animal vacuum cleaners brought out by Dyson. The DC41 is an upright cleaner with Ball™ technology which makes it extremely maneuverable. You could easily steer it with one hand and it whizzes around corners and cleans right up to the edges of the wall.

Like the other Dyson animal cleaners the DC41 has Radial Root Cyclone™ technology which is a patented method of maintaining suction even when the bag is almost full. Root cyclone technology uses centrifugal force to spin the air at many thousand times the force of gravity. This forces dust from deep within the carpet pile, straight into the provided bin. Ordinary vacuum cleaners gradually lose suction as the bag fills which means you have to go over and over the dirt and pet hair before it is removed.

The Dyson DCc41 Animal upright has a unique feature which is a self-adjusting head. This has a base plate that adapts easily to any floor type without manual adjustment. This creates the strongest suction at the cleaner head making cleaning up pet hair an absolute breeze.

Like the other Dyson animal vacuums, the DC41 captures allergens, mold, and toxins in the air through the washable HEPA filters. People with dust allergies and asthma love this cleaner as it creates no dust in the air at all and no stale smell when it is running.

Despite it’s power, the Dyson DC41 Animal is a quiet machine meaning you can use it at any time without the risk of disturbing the peace. It won’t wake up sleeping babies (or dogs) Even cats will give it their disdainful seal of approval!

Cleans all floor surfaces with no adjustments

All floor surfaces are easily cleaned with the DC41. This cleaner does such a great job of hard floors, that mopping almost becomes unnecessary.

Lightweight but strong

The materials that are used to manufacture this cleaner are light but strong.

Bagless and easy to empty

As with all Dyson cleaners, the DC41 has no bag and can be easily emptied with just one click. The bin empties out of the bottom and your hands never have contact with the dirt.

Features at a glance

  • Dyson DC41 Animal Type – Bagless Upright
  • Accessories – Combination crevice/brush tool, stair tool, mini turbine head
  • Owner’s manual

Product Features

  • 12 amps of power
  • Complete clean of carpets, Harwood floors and tiles alike.
  • Bagless cleaning – Say goodbye to cumbersome bags.
  • 35-foot electric cord – Less plugging and unplugging.
  • Lightweight but strong design – Easy to move from one room to another and maneuver around furniture.
  • Stair tool – Makes cleaning stairs a breeze.
  • Dyson Radial Root Cyclone – No loss of suction as the bin fills up.
  • Dyson Ball technology – Swivels to easily reach awkward areas.
  • Complies with the IEC 60312 Cl 2.9 test standard – meaning no loss of suction.

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