Dyson DC59 Pet Vacuum Cleaner – The Cordless Cleaner With Power

Cordless vacuum cleaners are a new standard in terms of reliability and effectiveness. Not worrying about cord length allows you to clean the house “from one try”, meaning that you don’t need to change the plug whenever you move into a new room. However, not all the cordless vacuums are user-friendly. Some folk will require more power, while others would want the vacuum cleaner to be easily handled. The Dyson DC59 Animal might be the product that fits all those expectations.

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The latest DC59 Digital Slim cleaner is finally here. With its Dyson V6 motor that spins 110,000 times a minute, it is three times more powerful than other cleaners. The suction is powerful because of its engine of 350 watts, and because of the 15 cyclones arranged on two tiers.

Besides the power of the engine, the accessories of the DC59 cordless make it even more reliable. The carbon fiber brush will allow you to remove dust that has been there for ages. This way, all the impurities from even the dirtiest floors will be removed. Forget about any pet hair sticking on your upholstery, the DC59 is here to solve all those problems.

The mini-engine acts like a second vacuum cleaner, which allows you to reach even the most difficult places. With the special trigger button, you can use the secondary engine or the power-up only when it is required. This is how the vacuum has an autonomy of 26 minutes for simple usage, and 6 minutes on boost. It is more powerful than any of its predecessors from the Dyson series, even if it has about the same price.

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Size and Dimensions

The DC59 animal stick vacuum weighs about 4.5 pounds, being one of the lightest cordless cleaners with this level of power. It is a light product with its 29.2×10.7×6.1 inches, being ideal for storing in the closet. The 110,000 RPM engine delivers 50% more power than all its predecessors, making this vacuum cleaner the top of the Dyson cordless range.


The new battery lasts 1.5 times longer than that of its predecessor, the DC44. It offers fade-free power, meaning that the vacuum will be just as powerful even if the battery is about to run out. The power-up button is also accessible, so you can have it activated whenever it is required.


The secondary engine makes a distinctive vacuum, perfect for tight spaces. It can be used as a brush or as a dusting tool, making it possible to clean some spaces that you have never reached with a vacuum cleaner before.

The numerous heads and wand detachment features make Dyson DC59 the perfect vacuum that fits the hand in a natural way.

When you don’t use the vacuum, you can put it into its docking station for charging. There are additional tools that can be used, such as the one-button press dirt release. Just push the button, and you will see all the dirt removed.

DC59 Animal Reviews

Reviewers love the light weight and long battery life of this vacuum. A lot of the reviews come from owners of the DC44. Most users love the extra suction power that the DC59 delivers. Another appreciated feature of Dyson DC59 is the increased warranty, which is up to 2 years. Well, you will probably not even require it because Dyson comes with quality products, but it is good to know that you have such an option. The extra charger and the docking station are also appreciated features, and the noise made by the vacuum cleaner is reasonably quiet, at least compared with the noise made by other brands of vacuums from the same category.

Dyson DC59 Animal vs DC44

The main difference between the DC59 and its predecessor the DC44 is the digital motor. The DC59 Animal has the V6 motor which has a lot more power than the V2 motor of the DC44. Although both machines look quite similar and can perform basically the same tasks, the DC59 has a lot more suction than the earlier machine.

Although this increase in power is partly due to the more powerful motor, it’s also because the 59 has two tiers of cyclones instead of just one, which also contributes to increased suction.

The DC59 also has a longer cleaning time of 26 minutes compared with 20 minutes for the DC44

Pros & Cons

As with any other product, the Dyson DC59 comes with advantages and disadvantages.

Cons: The extra charger will cost you about $30 more. The battery is non-replaceable, which means that you will have to change the entire vacuum if it is broken. On the other hand, there are no people complaining about the battery being broken, so this will probably never happen.

Pros: The Dyson DC59 Animal bagless comes with increased autonomy, more power, and maneuverability. Overall, it is a great vacuum cleaner for most homes, and even for small commercial spaces.


It can be used in the garden and on the porch, but be advised that it is not recommended for leaves or dead grass or other garden matter. The dust container is transparent, allowing you to determine when it is time to remove the dust. The level of noise is pretty reasonable, even if the power of this device is greater than similar devices that have less suction.

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