Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Dyson vacuum cleaner range is perhaps one of the most popular in the world. It is also one of the most expensive. This has led many people to believe that when they purchase a Dyson vacuum cleaner they are paying for nothing more than the brand name. This idea could not be further from the truth. Let me explain why.

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, Dyson is one of the most innovative companies around. In fact, many of the top vacuum cleaners from other manufacturers are actually based on technology that was originally patented by the British company. For example; Dyson was one of the first companies to pioneer the use of bagless vacuum cleaners. You now see them just about everywhere. They were also the first company to introduce the idea of ‘cyclone technology’ (more on that soon).

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This is a company that is NOT afraid to innovate. Whilst other vacuum cleaner companies rest on their laurels, you can be sure that Dyson is always attempting to make their products the best that they can be. In fact, even their most current models are going through a ton of refinements all of the time to improve the quality of the vacuum cleaner that the customer receives.

Perhaps one of the most important features of ANY vacuum cleaner is the amount of ‘suction’ it has. After all, if it does not suck the dust-up then it is nigh on useless. Now, I am not going to lie to you. There is not a single vacuum cleaner out there which is able to eliminate every single piece of dust on the floor. Some of it is going to be far too latched to the fibers of your carpet to be removed. However, Dyson is going to do a good job of removing most of it. In fact, due to cyclone technology, I believe that the Dyson vacuum cleaner is one of the most powerful around. I think the ability to get a nigh-on perfect clean is more than worth the cost of a Dyson.

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One of the real strengths of the Dyson vacuum range, and something which I believe makes the company worth purchasing from in the first place, is the fact that they have a LOT of products in their range. Whilst a number of vacuum cleaner companies will release a couple of vacuum cleaners and call it a day, Dyson is one of those companies which wants to ensure that it has a vacuum cleaner for every purpose. It wants to know that the vacuum cleaners are doing the best job possible at all times. You are not going to get that with one of the ‘generic’ products that you purchase from other manufacturers.

If you live in Britain, then you may have read in the media a few years back that Dyson moved production out of England in favor of Malaysia. Many people believed that the quality of the products would shoot down drastically as it does with most companies who move their manufacturing aboard. I can tell you now, that is NOT the case with Dyson. The reason being is that unlike other manufacturers they actually have full control over the factories that they use in Malaysia. This means that they can control the quality of the products much in the same way as they could when production was mainly based in the United Kingdom.

In short; Dyson products are INCREDIBLY well built. You are going to be paying a lot for one. You know that. However, you also know that when you buy one it is going to last you far longer than most other vacuum cleaners on the market. Remember the saying; buy cheap, buy twice. If you buy a slightly more expensive Dyson then you may actually end up saving MORE money in the long run simply because you do not have to replace the shoddy vacuum cleaner that you thought would save you a bit of cash.

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