Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with Canister

Many home workers find it very difficult to clean up litter and dust from floors and carpets. Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum with Canister allows you to remove dirt, dust, and debris from any space in your house in a single pass.

It comes with a light versatile, portable canister vacuum that allows you to transport it and maneuver from one room to another. Its direct airflow technology & patented Wind-tunnel Technology, it is able to remove even the stubborn dirt from your carpet.
It comes equipped with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate absorption) bag that is capable of trapping 99.97% of particles less than 0.3 microns in size air quality such as pollen, allergens, and dust. It is illuminated with in-handle controls for easy use during operation.  This canister vacuum cleaner comes with a crevice tool, detachable shoulder strap, bare floor brush, and dusting and furniture brush.

Key Features of this product:

  • 12-amp motor that operates the Wind-tunnel Technology for efficient sucking of dirt
  • Direct air-flow technology & wind-tunnel technology for efficient results
  • Self-sealing HEPA bag to eliminates puffs of dust
  • Illuminated in-handle controls for easy access
  • Check-bag indicator to alert you when the bag is full
  • Weighs less than 12 lbs. for easier transport
  • 35-foot cord long cord to cover a large distance from the power source

Other features:

  • Telescoping extension wand
  • Dusting and floor brush
  • Shoulder straps used to carry the canister
  • Upright and canisters owner’s manual
  • Type Q upright HEPA bag
  • Type I portable canister HEPA bag
  • Tool bracket
  • Crevice tool

About the brand:

For more than a century, Hoover has designed powerful and easy-to-use products that remove dirt from your room from the floor to the ceiling. It was started in 1907, by Murray Spangler who worked as a janitor during night hours and had an asthma problem. He brainstormed his ideas to come up with a solution to the dust that made his asthma worse. He designed a “suction sweeper” from a sateen pillowcase, a tin soapbox, a fan, and a broom handle and it had enormous potential sales. You can also read our central vacuum powerhead reviews.

In 1908, W.H “Boss” Hoover, who owned a leather goods manufacturing shop, bought the patent from Spangler but retained him as a partner. He employed six personnel’s who assembled six units daily in a corner of the leather goods shop. ‘Boss” Hoover offered a free ten days’ free use of the suction sweeper for anyone who wrote and requested it as a way of advertising.
Hoover is now part of TTI Floor Care North America, Headquarters in Glenwillow, OH. Since1908, Hoover has been trusted for its reliability in cleaning solutions. It manufactures quality and high-performance vacuum cleaners for commercial settings and homes.


The important source of satisfaction from the consumer rating is its efficiency in use, easiness to empty, powerful and good suction ability, its long power cord, and its lightweight. It sells at $249.99 and free shipping on Amazon. It has a limited 5-year warranty and received a 4 – 5-star rating on Amazon.

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