How to Choose the Best Animal Hair Vacuum

What is the best animal hair vacuum to buy for serious pet hair?

OK, so you’ve had enough of the pet hair. Once and for all, you are going to take back control of your house, get rid of the clumps of hair strewn all over the hallway, the furniture, the living room, the bedrooms and it’s even invading your kitchen. Enough is enough.

Now I have to come clean here because I’m a bit biased when it comes to pet vacuums, largely due to various unpleasant experiences with vacuums in the past. Many years ago when I was trying to save money, I had cleaners ranging from the average to the downright dreadful.

Back in the bad old days, all vacuum cleaners came with bags. Of course this meant bags had to be purchased, which of course added to the cost of the vacuum cleaner. Having bought the bags, we had to actually put them inside the machine. Now I knew people who could do this this with ease – I was not one of them.

How about this one:

Have you ever been vacuuming merrily away when you notice the wretched thing is no longer picking up any dirt?
This is due to the bag filling up, thus reducing suction. Because I have never been an ardent fan of cleaning the house – I am not a domestic goddess – this tended to happen around half way through the dining room.

I mean, the vacuum cleaner has one job.


When it stops working it becomes just another useless appliance taking up space. In fact, it’s not much better than the pet hair itself at that point.

I have recently become the mother of a small white dog who loves to roll around on the bedroom carpet, which is dark brown so it doesn’t show the dirt (ha ha!). Clearly I needed a really good vacuum for pet hair.

I launched into some frantic research which included cost, performance, estimated lifespan etc. I had to find the best pet hair remover to suit myself, my floor coverings and the size of my home.

Of course there are almost as many different types of pet vacuum cleaners as there are pets. In fact most of the major brands these days have at least one model that claims to remove animal hair from carpets and floors.

Generally speaking you will get what you pay for, but personal preference also influences our decisions.

When I finally emerged from my research I had learned that the actual cost of the machine was not the real issue. I had to factor in things like:

  • the cost of repairs and parts
  • how long the machine was likely to last
  • any other costs involved such as bags or filters

I finally settled on a Dyson animal vacuum cleaner.

Of course the vacuums in the Dyson animal range are quite expensive, but you get what you pay for. These babies are built to last and require next to no maintenance. Even the filter is washable, although this does eventually need changing. Plus they look cool, which to me is important :)

Now obviously this is not everyone’s cup of tea and this would not be doing justice to the rest of the vacuum world to simply recommend one brand. So I am going to include other brands of cleaners here that are built especially for pet hair removal.

We’ll check out other brands such as the Bissell Pet vacuum, the Miele canister vacuums, the Eureka Pet Oh and the Hoover Windtunnel T-Series Pet (which is, at the time of writing, the most popular animal cleaner online).

There are some other good options especially if your floors are mainly hard wood or tiles. You really only need a dedicated pet hair remover if you have carpets. Of course the thicker the carpet pile, the more “muscle” your pet hair cleaner will need to have.

The best animal hair vacuum for you will also depend on your personal preference; does it look good? Is it easy to handle?

Another reason I lean towards the Dyson animal vacuum cleaner is because it is the best vacuum for allergies, due to the innovative filtering system. These days a lot of kids seem to suffer with allergies and many adults are allergic to cat hair.

So along with other brands we’ll also be looking at the best Dyson vacuum for pet hair to suit the house that you live in and of course your family – including your pet.

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