How To Clean A Hoarder’s House

How To Clean A Hoarder’s House

Firstly, we are going to talk about the meaning of a hoarder and what a hoarder means. A hoarder can define a person that finds it difficult to dispose or go away with something, they believe it might be useful later in the future. Some people believe it’s a mental disorder to those that have that kind of trait in them People with this type of disorder experience a lot of things like distress of getting rid of items.

People with this symptom believe that hoarding makes them attached to a particular thing they like or serve as a reminder to them maybe during their happy moments or something from there loved ones. They also feel safe when surrounded by the thing they save and they have this notion of they don’t want to waste anything whatsoever.  You can also read our best vacuum for fleas article it is really helpful.

Hoarding disorder can as well cause problems in a relationship, family, coworkers, and neighbors because hoarders do not only keep it to themselves they make it obvious to people surrounding them which can actually cause a big problem, especially in the neighborhood if it’s a place they share some things together. It can lead to loneliness, isolation, health problem, family strain, and so on.

There are different ways of symptoms to know a hoarder:

  • A hoarder is always anxious when attempting to discard items.
  • They find it difficult to be organized, their rooms are always jampacked.
  • They don’t like giving out that is why they hoard things to themselves.
  • They keep items excessively, majorly what they don’t really need.
  • Fear of running out of items, that is why they don’t discard them.

It has not really be discovered what really causes this hoarding disorder but research has it that it might be genetics, brain functioning, loneliness, and others and mostly occurs in adults. To deal with people with this disorder is really difficult because they get frustrated and angry easily. Managing them can be tasking and energy-draining especially if they don’t agree that they have a problem.

Here are steps to take when you want to clean a hoarder’s house because it is usually cluttered and it can get tiring for anyone cleaning it. 

Assess The Situation

In this situation, hoarders find it difficult to separate or classify things that are of value and are not of value, they pack everything together which makes it difficult to distinguish between the one that is useful and the one that is not. They have this fear of not losing something important which tends to accumulate rubbish at the end of the day. If you are very interested in cleaning your home then you have to clean your house regularly. So that you must have the best vacuum mop combo there are many vacuum cleaner in the market.

These items pile up quickly and block access to some aspect of the house especially wherever the hoarder is used to. These piles can harbor all sorts of dirt, dust, insects, mold which can lead to health problems. To make the hoarders home to be neat, there are measures to take to pursue the hoarder to allow you to clean up the house, you have to be patient with the hoarder.

Talk To The Hoarder By Using A Certain Strategy

In this process, you have to talk to the hoarder first by convincing him or her and you make them see reasons why this and that should not be or should be, this will take a lot of patience for anyone to do that, that is why the person must not be aggressive and irritated.

You need to carry the hoarder along during the cleanup and they have to win your trust and confidence, this strategy will start easing the hoarder and he or she will start reasoning alongside with you and agree to whatever you are doing.

Cleaning up a hoarders house is not a one-man job, you need the assistance of professionals because it is quite challenging.

Protect Yourself

Anyone that wants to clean a hoarder house has to safe himself first by having some protective equipment so as not get infected with any bacteria or virus, like the use of mask, gloves, goggle, boot, overall like a coat, fire extinguisher, flashlight in order to check the nook and cranny of the house, repellant spray because the home will have harbor all sort of pests which can actually be harmful, first aid kit to treat any little wound because probably there might be broken bottles on the floor and other sharp objects.

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Gather Supplies

In this next phase, you will need certain equipment and disinfectant to do the cleaning up and trash out the dirt.  Also, it might be possible to put somethings back in shape like repairing them back and putting them back in order that is arranging them very well.

You will need a lot of trash bags, disinfectants to sanitize the whole house, the use of vacuum cleaner for stairs is also required, and anything you see that will be useful. I think the vacuum is a must-have home appliance It is really helpful and easy to use. In modern generations, we can not think about cleaning without a vacuum cleaner.

After preparing and you have gotten all you need, the next thing to do is to start with the cleaning phase, it is advisable to start with the small room but more considerable the bathroom, so as to have clean bathroom ahead if you need to enter the bathroom to get water or other sanitary stuff. With the first accomplishment, you will be motivated to go ahead to clean the remaining rooms.

If you want to clean a room thoroughly, it is advisable to put all the items out even the furniture because when there are fewer items in a room, it is easy to clean.

Sort Out Salvageable Items

After removing all the items away, you have to sort out the items to know which of the ones that will still be useful for use, when sorting out you have to be careful so not to dispose of receipts, and vital documents away, while some of the items can be donated to charity if the hoarder no longer needs them again but it has to be cleaned properly.

Deep cleaning And Repairing

The next thing to do is thorough cleaning after trashing out all the dirt. This process might be time consuming or rigorous, after that, you can do a thorough check on the floors, wall whether it needs repainting, tiles, repair the wall if it is cracked but all this has to be done before returning the furniture so as not to get it stained. You can also read our best central vacuum powerhead review.

After, going through all this process for the hoarder, help him or her to maintain a clean environment, you can also guide the hoarder on how to maintain a good living afterward.

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