Miele Animal Vacuum S8380 Cat and Dog Canister

It’s a pet owner’s constant dilemma, which pet vacuum would be best for my needs? Well, here we’re looking at the Miele S8380 Canister vacuum cleaner. Some pet owners prefer upright machines, some prefer canisters and some don’t really care as long as they do a good job. The Miele pet will not disappoint.

Although not as cheap as Hoover, the Miele pet vacuum is not at the dearest end of the scale, sitting somewhere between Hoover and Dyson as far as price goes. What you get for your money is a solid canister with good suction that’s attractive too – yes it’s important – you never know when an important person will visit!


Finding the ideal vacuum cleaner can be tricky because it seems that most models of vacuums have some kind of trade-off. They aren’t powerful enough or the powerful models are too noisy to use when you have a sleeping baby, or you don’t like the dust particles that your vacuum exhausts into the air… Maybe the attachments are too difficult to use or the vacuum itself is too heavy to easily move up and down a flight of stairs.

Although there is no such thing as the perfect cleaner, the Miele S8380 Cat and Dog ticks all the boxes. Miele is a trusted German manufacturer with a reputation for building appliances that last.

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A common characteristic of all Miele vacuum cleaners is their power and this pet cleaner is no exception. This particular unit offers six levels of suction power and even its lowest setting sucks up far more dirt and pet hair than many other more commonly known brands. You might think that such a powerful vacuum cleaner would be unbearably loud, but this Miele canister is actually very quiet due to the German-built Vortex motor. You could literally vacuum the hallway right outside of a sleeping baby’s room and your child would not wake up!

One of the most enjoyable benefits of the S8380 model cleaners is that they use an active “Air Clean” HEPA filter with carbon layers which can trap 99.9% of dust particles before they fly into the air where your family can inhale them. People with allergies or just sensitivity to dust will appreciate this feature.

The vacuum is surprisingly light, just under ten pounds which makes it easy to carry to different areas of your home. This model does have a handle at the back of the unit but no handle on the top. This is not really an issue because of its lightness; it is still very easy to carry. You get along retractable power cord, over twenty feet, which offers plenty of slack when cleaning larger rooms.

The controls on this cleaner are easy to operate. There’s a 6 setting dial control on the body and a suction control on the handle. The body of the vacuum is made from sturdy ABS plastic. The Miele S8380 comes with a telescopic wand and an auto retract the cord.

One annoying feature of most canisters is that you have to keep putting down the hose when moving furniture or other items. The Miele canister vacuums however have a hose that can be parked on the base, meaning you don’t have to keep stopping to pick it up.

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Like many vacuum cleaners, the Miele Cat & Dog includes a number of accessories for specialized cleaning. Pet owners will like the mini turbo brush accessory which works great on cushions, upholstery, and thick carpet. Also included is the Electro Plus Electrobrush with 5 different height adjustments. The Electrobrush has its own motor – great for thicker pile carpets. The crevice tool, dust brush, and upholstery nozzle fit neatly into the body of the canister, so you won’t have to go looking for them.

A new feature of the Miele pet vacuum is the Parquet Twister brush made especially for hardwood floors. This ingenious tool can turn a whole 180 degrees, making it easy to get behind furniture and into awkward gaps.

In case of overheating, the Miele S8380 will automatically shut off, giving it an added safety feature.

Any features that are not so great?

The hardwood floor brush and the mini turbo brush does not have a space on the cleaner for storage when not in use. That increases the chances of misplacing that accessory but all of the other attachments can be stored on the vacuum.

The Cat & Dog is not bagless. Although the bags have a large capacity, if you’re “anti-bag” then this cleaner is not for you.

The Miele S8380 is top of the line and is a great way to experience the quality of the Miele range. Whether you are cleaning up after your pets or your kids (or both!) the Cat & Dog has the power and flexibility to get the job done.

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