Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

Neato have designed XV-21 Automatic Vacuum Cleaner especially for pet lovers/ owners and those suffering from allergies. It contains the most powerful suction than any other robot vacuum. XV-21 helps in picking up your pet’s hairs along with the debris present in your home. It can collect three times more dust as filtered by the normal filters. This is considered as the perfect solution for the removal of allergens and dust particles from your residence. The combination of blade and bristles which are present in this vacuum cleaner helps in cleaning of fibers, pet hairs, and dander. The cleaning which you will get from this cleaner would be far better than the cleaning done by a floor cleaner. You can rely on this product for all sorts of cleaning. It works in the back and forth patterns as this pattern is considered as the best method for cleaning purposes. It ensures that every single spot on your floor gets cleaned. There is no need to carry a bag along with you while cleaning. When the bin of cleaner is filled just simply empty it and use it again.

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Key Features of this product

  • Powerful cleaning system.
  • Removal of all kinds of dirt and pet hairs.
  • A scheduling facility is provided so that cleaning can be done while you are away.
  • Returns to the charging base automatically.

Additional Features

  • Cleaning system specially designed for cleaning pet’s hairs and allergens
  • Helps in cleaning carpets, hardwood, tile, and laminates
  • The simple user interface is provided for scheduling cleanings
  • Charging base and boundary marker is present with allergy automatic vacuum
  • An infrared scanning facility is present.
  • The cleaner scans the floor with the infrared eye and cleans the surface thoroughly where it finds any pet hair or dust.


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About the Brand
Neato is a trusted brand that always tries to offer something effective, interesting and helpful to its customers. This time they have introduced a vacuum cleaner for the purpose of cleaning pet hairs which is not an easy task. Pets jump on walls, play on furniture and wherever they go they leave their hairs which can also cause allergies.  This amazing vacuum cleaner helps you in cleaning all those hairs and allergens withy in very little time.
The cleaner roams around in every corner of the house to pick up allergens and pet’s hairs. An infrared eye is present which helps in scanning dust particles. The results given by this floor cleaner are highly efficient. The cleaner can roam around in each and every corner and scan the floor as well as furniture in order to find the debris to remove. If you also want to make your residence dust and dirt free, then Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner should be your first choice as it will get you more than what you want. This could be the ideal cleaner for those who love to have pets.

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