Best Central Vacuum Powerhead

Having a central vacuum cleaner, and getting a powerhead for it are two different things. In case, you don’t know, a powerhead works hand-in-hand with a vacuum. You can use it to fulfill your various cleaning requirements. Like any other high demanding device or machine, a powerhead also comes with a variety of choices. But … Read more

Dyson DC59 Pet Vacuum Cleaner – The Cordless Cleaner With Power

Cordless vacuum cleaners are a new standard in terms of reliability and effectiveness. Not worrying about cord length allows you to clean the house “from one try”, meaning that you don’t need to change the plug whenever you move into a new room. However, not all the cordless vacuums are user-friendly. Some folk will require … Read more

The LINX Cordless Stick Cleaner – High Tech Combined with Luxury Design

The Hoover Linx stick cordless– light in weight, but not in cleaning power Innovation in vacuum cleaner technology is a component of the Linx BH50010 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner. This machine has burst into the pet vacuum market to attract customers who want to have an effective and efficient machine, without paying a huge price. … Read more

Miele S7260 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum Cleaner review

The German-designed vacuum cleaner is known for its state of the art features and a robust technology platform that draws on the company’s 114-year tradition of cutting edge technology in the production of home appliances.  The Miele S7260 Cat & Dog Upright Vacuum is better known for its trademark SwivelNeck Technology which provides some excellent … Read more

Dyson DC39 Pet Canister Vacuum Leaves Other Canisters in the Dust

Some people prefer the canister style vacuum cleaners to the upright models and the Dyson DC39 Animal is the most powerful canister vacuum, which is great when it comes to eliminating pet hair. This DC39 animal canister vacuum will efficiently remove all pet hair from short to medium pile carpets and hardwood floors. I actually … Read more

Best Vacuum Cleaner For Stairs

Vacuum for stairs is with no doubt great home appliances. This is because they help a great deal in maintaining a clean and healthy environment around your home. This Makes daily home cleaning an easy and enjoyable task for families with a lot of activities. Unfortunately, not all vacuum machines are perfect for stair cleaning. … Read more

Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaners For The Elderly

It is non-negotiable, cleaning the house. Everyone must clean their home, and many times, regardless of how old a person is, especially if this person has the house all to themselves, they would, eventually, have to find a way to keep the house clean. But, of course, as the title suggests, we will be talking … Read more

Best Vacuum Cleaners For Arthritis Sufferers

Not everyone would understand this, but for those who are sufferers of arthritis, they only would understand the pain of finding it really hard to bend just to get their floors clean. If you know that this is something that you suffer from, then you would need to get a machine that is ergonomic, lightweight, … Read more